Der Social Impact Award ist seit 2021 in Deutschland aktiv und wird vom hier aufgeführten Team betreut.


Lisa Schnägelberger Koordinatorin Social Impact Award Deutschland

Lisa Schnägelberger

SIA Deutschland Koordinatorin

Lisa Schnägelberger leitet den Social Impact Award Deutschland. Sie ist für die deutschlandweite Umsetzung des Programms verantwortlich und Ansprechpartnerin für unsere große Bandbreite and Kooperations- und Förderpartner*innen. Bevor sie zum Social Impact Award kam, hat sie als Projektkoordinatorin und Trainerin für eine deutsche NGO zu dem Schwerpunkt Engagementförderung gearbeitet. Sie studierte Wirtschaftskommunikation (B.A.) an der Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin und Nonprofit-Management und Public Governance (M.A.) an der Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin und der Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin.


Ahn Vu Ngoc


Hannah Herok Volunteer Social Impact AwardHannah Herok


Hannah is 18 years old. She just finished High School and now she’s studying Business Law at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.


Kyle Yong Volunteer Social Impact AwardKyle Yong


Kyle is a friendly Kiwi with Malaysian heritage who came to Vienna at the end of 2019. His key focuses of late have been leveling up his German skills, bouldering (Boulderbar Hauptbahnhof anyone??), and investigating the ideas of social entrepreneurship which he considers is “what real business looks like”. Currently finishing an MBA specializing in Sustainable Management and Governance, as well as having career experience as an engineer and project manager, he looks forward to joining the SIA team to support and get to know a great community of people who are creating positive impact.



Mayra Quiroz Volunteer Social Impact Award

Mayra Quiroz


Mayra’s main motivation for joining SIA is supporting the global social impact ecosystem and becoming inspired by those who want to make a positive difference. She believes that social innovators are key to tackling the world’s most pressing issues and are paramount to achieve systemic change. Mayra holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from her home country, Colombia. She received an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to complete the Joint Master’s Degree in Industrial Ecology in Sweden and Austria. During her studies, Mayra was involved in different volunteer initiatives where she developed her skills in event management. She also brings work experience from academic research as well as from the corporate field.


Sabina Baiadean Volunteer Social Impact Award

Sabina Baiadean


Sabina is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. In order to gain more experience in multiculturality and social entrepreneurship, she decided to engage with SIA’s volunteering team. She is passionate about volunteering and has been involved in various projects with a number of organizations that encompassed different areas, such as finance and marketing. Sabina is also a holder of a US Department of State Scholarship for the high school exchange program.


Sophie Lenauer Volunteer Social Impact Award

Sophie Lenauer


Sophie is all about social activities, social work, and participating in things that have a social impact. That is why she finished her Bachelor’s studies in social work last year. In her free time, she enjoys doing sports, meeting friends, and drinking beer in good company. She is looking forward to connecting with a lot of people and gather experience and knowledge.


Verena Mrak Volunteer Social Impact Award

Verena Mrak


Verena Mrak holds a bachelor’s degree in African studies and is currently writing her master’s thesis in the field of International Development. The fact that social enterprises exist has fascinated her since her first internship at social entrepreneurship right after graduating from high school. Since then, Verena has gained working experience with developmental organizations nationally and internationally, focusing on East Africa and the Near East. Now she is curious to find ways to connect the world of international development and social entrepreneurship. By volunteering for SIA, Verena is looking forward to bringing her international spirit and creative ideas to the SIA community and, in turn, be inspired by like-minded people.


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